The Problems and Solutions to Modern Parenting and Birthing Children

Transforming Birth Fund is devoted to changing our modern ideologies around becoming a parent. We value thinking of obvious solutions for problems we never intended to face. Some things are so obvious. Something like tracking your ovulation cycle as a natural birth control is common sense. However, we’ve become so dependant on others we fail to think for ourselves. At Transforming Birth Fund we live by four pillars. These pillars deal with before, during, and after your pregnancy. They promote being the best receptacle possible for developing healthy, and happy child.

Our Three Pillars:

Pillar 1 – Holistic Health & Healing
Most pharmaceuticals are meant to treat what already occurs in nature. Practicing yoga, meditation, and eating well will significantly improve your prenatal health. At some [point we seem to have forgotten that everything in existence came from this planet in some way, shape, or form. Why not look to nature for answers rather than tricking our bodies? Healing either happens or it doesn’t. If we use too many synthetic drugs, how can we identify when we’ve healed ourselves? “Let food by thy medicine.” ~ Hippocrates

Pillar 2 – Birthing Abroad
We believe in having a squatting birth. It is far better for a women’s health. Logically, it also makes sense to work with instead of against gravity. In the temples in Egypt, the Goddess Isis is depicted giving birth in a squat position. With a midwife (goddesses Hathor & Tawaret) on each side, she looks calm and strong. She’s encased in a sort of tomb or shrine, reflecting and focusing on the task ahead. The Goddess Isis represents life, death, rebirth, healing, and nurturing. The way she is depicted in the Ancient Ruins is one of our inspirations for this site.

Another aspect of giving birth abroad is that your baby will receive dual citizenship. The vaccination requirements are different. There also will not be a standard birth certificate. This is refreshing because birth certificates are said to be used as collateral for US debts. There is a serial number or CUSIP on them, and older birth certificates literally say authorized by “The American Bank Note Company.”

Pillar 3 – Homeschooling
Homeschooling is so critical. First of all, it guarantees more one-on-one attention for your child. Homeschooling also gives you the freedom to go at a different pace than the average. You can cater a curriculum to your child’s speed of development and interests. Focusing on creativity & exploration in the first several years is crucial because the soul is feeling out the body. The more questions you allow the child to ask, the faster they’ll learn. They won’t become bored or burnt out either.

Homeschooling and mindfulness teaching are extremely important post-birth. In continuing the transformation of your birthing experience, it is necessary to educate the new soul you’ve brought into the world in a very special way.

We are spreading awareness and mindfulness daily. We’re passionate about helping new mothers to make more thoughtful choices for their families. Click the donate button to contribute to the holistic spiritual raising of offspring.